Basic Jewelry Retouching Services

Basic jewelry retouching Services is Light, Quick, low cost. you will get all basic corrections included in jewelry photo retouching.

Basic Jewelry Retouching Service include:

This type of retouch is mainly chosen by customer they don’t require deep retouching or have budget limited . If you choose jewelry Basic retouching Level, We will adjust contrast, brightness and color for your images, we also will clean the biggest dust and tidy up worst reflections on the jewelry, change the background to white or other color you needs.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching adjust brightness bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching adjust brightness a

Adjust contrast, brightness

Correct color and brightness is the most important for every jewelry images, most jewelry photo are underexpose and have color cast. We will correct exposed and adjust tone by Photoshop in basic jewelry retouching service.

  • Correct exposed

  • Adjust highlight

  • Brighten darker areas

  • Adjust contrast
Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching remove holding bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching remove holding a

Clean flaw and holding wax

Photographer often use wax to hold the ring standing up or handing up the earrings. Include in basic jewelry retouching service,we will remove any wax and unnecessary prop carefully and traceless.

Clean work also include removing dust,black spots, scratches, hairs, fibres etc. In our basic jewelry retouching service, we will Zoom the jewelry detail into 50% to tidying up flaws.

  • Clean dust

  • Remove scratches

  • Remove wax or unwant mannequin

  • Blemishes removing

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching add shodow bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching add shodow a

Change jewelry photo background and add shadow

Most jewelry image used by ecommerce need a white or transparent background, By our basic jewelry retouching service, We will use clipping path/masking tool to cut out your jewelry, Making sure keep all detail of jewelry design.Then change any color background that you need,

We also will add a simple shadow or reflection for your jewelry in this service.

  • Clipping path or masking

  • Change background
  • Add shadow or reflection

5 Steps To Process Basic Jewelry Retouching Service

Easy to start using Zenone basic jewelry retouching service! Please follow below 5 simple steps:

  • Create account and upload your photos. You can send photo by We transfers, Dropbox, Google Drive, email attachment, etc.

  • Write detailed instructions about turnaround time, images size, images format, background color that you want. Attach sample photos that how you want your items to look like.

  • As soon as your jewelry image are retouched, We will send you a link to download them, You can get your images back and review the completed retouching effect

  • If you need any changes, Please share your suggestions and instruction to our want. Revisions are free and unlimited.

  • When you are satisfied with the final result, We will send PayPal invoice so you can pay for the work done.

Recent Project Of Basic Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching recent project b


  • Project Background

    A UK antique jewelry company wants to improve the jewelry photo quality for their online shop on eBay.

  • Project Requirement

    Correct jewelry brightness and adjust color tone. Improve diamond quality, change the background to white, add reflection under the jewelry.

  • Project Key point

    Their jewelry photos have a serious color cast, diamond is too yellow and dull. Customers hope Retouching doesn’t be overdone and be light.

basic jewelry retouching service, correct diamond color


Retouching antique jewelry, We always pay more attention to not overdone and keep the jewelry’s natural look.

We use curve and color balance tools to correct color cast, especially the yellow color. Lighten the main diamond and make it sparkels. learn about how to correct diamond color

  • Adjust white balance and correct color cast.

  • Make the diamond brighter and sparkles in  natural reflect.
  • The top of the chain is out of focus. We make the chain all sharp.

  • Remove the black reflection of the bails.

  • Add simple reflection under the pendant

Feedback About Our Basic Jewelry Retouching Service

We have been working with Zenone for years and they never missed a deadline or we asked for a revision. Their effective and we always get the results we required.

Frank Peterson

I asked Jenny to brighten the diamond and fix some other issues. He has also removed the dust and dark spots for my rings. Everything was timely done and she sent me the end results even quicker than I expected them to.

Shelia McCourtney
Great work, I am so happy with how beautiful my jewelry looks! You all have amazing turnaround and do very solid retouching – I look forward to working with you as often as I can. Thanks so much!
Tomos Bryant

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basic jewelry retouching service, not over edited jewlery photo.

Do not over edited your jewlery photo.


In jewelry image post processing, Beginneroften like to try out all the sliders their Photoshop offers, thinking like ‘the more – the better’ which is not truly the case.

Jewelry company or jewelry photographer don’t like a fake editing looks. much editing, poor editing, or an unnatural look can do more harm to jewelry.

By more than 10 years exprenice,our jewelry retoucher really understnad when we have done enough editing, and when we can not done too much for jewelry photo. we always pay more attention that don’t overdone when process basic jewelry photo.

  • Correcting brightness and contrast should be like air – you breathe it but you don’t even realize it. When retoucher lightening a diamond or metal, If you Stiff draw a big bright spot over the jewelry, people will see is the fake job. No retouching over is more here.

  • Adjusted color is the first step to editing jewelry photos. If the colors lean towards unnatural after being adjusted, it’s going to distract jewelry photo viewer. They’ll be wondering why the jewelry looks weird, example a 14K yellow gold is too yellow and red like 24K yellow gold.

  • Adjusting the exposure is the important thing to editing jewelry –we always pay attention to the degree. brighten it up too much in loose metal highlights. Add too much black in, and the diamond nuance is gone.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching social media bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - basic jewelry retouching social media a

3 best ways to editing social media jewelry image


To share your jewelry brand message, and social media is a great place to do that

But to jewelry company or designer, standing out from Ninety-five million images uploaded every day can be a challenge.

by our basic jewelry retouching service, we will raise our customer jewelry picture as highest quality as possible. so our customer jewelry band images will get more noticed. grow a more social following in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or the internet in general.

We will do below work to improve social media images quality but keep natural looks.

  • Correct color temperature and tone
  • Correct exposed, brightness and contrast
  • Clean dust, spots on the jewelry

  • Lighten diamond or jewelry

  • Remove any un-want things

FAQ For Basic jewelry retouching service.

Can you change my jewelry photo background to other color?

Yes, we can change background color as your need in our basic jewelry retouching service. Please send the desired background and give us clear characteristics of it, we will complete the order as good as possible.

Can i ask deep retouching for my jewelry in basic jewelry retouching service?

We begin basic jewelry retouching service with the average price of $5. By this level service you will get all basic editing included in common photo retouching. These techniques are targeted to correct brightness, colors, removing dust as well as common photoshoot mistakes. Deep jewelry images improving will not be offered to you in case of choosing the starting level.

Can you add a shadow for my jewelry in basic level service ?

Yes, in our basic jewelry retouching service .Our experts will add reflections under the jewelry so that let your jewelry seem were standing on the glass surface. We also can create real shadows realistic-looking shadows let your jewelry comes to life as it stands against the white background.

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