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Thank you for visiting Zenone studio. It’s our main purpose to provide you with the best possible jewelry photo retouching services at affordable cost. Get personalized help with your jewelry photos and leave us your valuable feedback regarding your experience. We will respond to your inquiries ASAP.

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  • Contact person: Jenny

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience all questions are organized by workflow steps. If you can’t find answer for your question please contact us

If there are some revisions, should I pay extra?2021-08-05T12:43:04+00:00

If a retoucher hasn’t done what was asked for from the very beginning we’ll be glad to make the corrections without any additional charge.

Will you demand for copyrights to done pics?2021-08-05T12:41:23+00:00

That’s impossible as the client is just the only one who is the owner. We do just the outsource editing service for our clients!

Will you claim the copyright for edited photos?2021-08-05T12:39:04+00:00

No. We do not claim any copyright for edited photos.

What if I want to do some minor corrections to my retouched images?2021-08-05T12:38:05+00:00

If you want to make any adjustments to your retouched photos, you may request additional revisions anytime. We’ll work with you and make every effort to deliver the result you expect.

Is it possible to get a refund if I’m not satisfied?2021-08-05T12:35:08+00:00

You will get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the delivered images. Rest assured, we focus on quality work and long-term relationship

What Is Your Payment System?2021-08-05T12:33:26+00:00

We have a secure and hassle free payment system. Payment can be completed via PayPal.

Do you request a full or partial upfront payment when start my order?2021-08-05T12:31:00+00:00

Usually we send invoices AFTER we retouch and deliver your photos back to you. In some cases when high quantity or complexity retouching is required we may request a full or partial upfront payment.

How can I pay for the jobs done?2021-08-05T12:29:35+00:00

After job is complete and you are satisfied, we send PayPal invoice so you can pay. For recurrent customers we can combine orders in one invoice for a period of time (weekly, monthly)

Why the price is different for different level services?2021-08-05T12:27:54+00:00

Higher level jewelry retouching service require much more attention to details and tedious retouching to produce excellent results. It takes more time and effort of our best team members. All our retouching quotes are based on your jewelry item complexity, quality, and pixel size of original photo.

I don’t see the edit I need listed under any retouch level?2021-08-05T12:26:42+00:00

We try to list the most common edit requests under the appropriate retouch level needed. Please note that Complete Retouch level ONLY covers what is listed and nothing more. If you are unsure if you should choose Complete Plus or Special Service please call or email

What type of file will i get in return?2021-08-05T12:24:44+00:00

It depends on your requirements and purpose you need your jewelry images for. JPEGs are good for web, TIFFs, PSDs are used for printing jobs. We can return retouched images in any format you require. Contact us if you are not sure what format will suit your needs.

What will be the file type and size of my retouched images?2021-08-05T12:23:10+00:00

We’ll save your retouched photos with a size, name, and type you request.

How fast will my images be edited?2021-08-05T12:22:06+00:00

Most of the regular jobs we complete within 24 hours. However large jobs can take longer to process. We do not charge extra for urgent jobs. We always try to completed editing process as soon as possible.

If there are RAWs can you work with them?2021-08-05T12:20:45+00:00

Yes we work with the RAW files. The RAW files will give us the possibility to edit your photos on the higher level and achieve the better results!

What types of files do you accept for processing?2021-08-05T12:18:41+00:00

We accept any file types you may have. Raw formats, JPEG, TIF, PSD… Any existing image files can be processed..

Please advise what should I do if the image size is over 50 Mb?2021-08-05T12:16:54+00:00

Just send it to us using any cloud data storage like Dropbox, WeTransfer, google drive, etc

Do you only work with professional photographers?2021-08-05T12:02:14+00:00

No. We do not limit our customer base to only professional photographers. We accept photos from anyone. Request your free trial to make sure you are happy with the quality of edited photos. You understand your needs better than anyone else, so you may never need an expensive photographer for your product imaging needs.

Who is your service best suited for?2021-08-05T12:00:57+00:00

Our service is the best choice for commercial jewelry photographers, jewelry business owners, and individuals selling jewelry online. We build long term relationships with our clients and help them prepare their inventory for sale delivering consistent great quality jewelry photos.

Can I include a completed sample with my order to show you what I want?2021-08-05T11:57:11+00:00

Absolutely. A completed sample (before-and-after image) is a great way to describe how you want us to perform editing of your photos.

How do I get a quote and submit my images for a free trial?2021-08-05T11:53:33+00:00

To submit your jewelry photos for trial retouching please visit our Free Trial section. Please include any special requirements you may have (dimensions, file size, composition, special features), edited samples for us to better understand your needs and your contact information (e-mail is enough in most cases). Usually we’ll deliver completed photos and your personalized price quote in 24 hours or less. You may also submit your trial photos to if you prefer.

Do you have minimum order requirements?2021-08-05T11:52:12+00:00

We do not have strict minimum order size requirements but at least 10 images per order is recommended. Most of our customers send us much higher quantities. 30-50 items is normally a good batch size to process.

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