High-End Jewelry Retouching Services

High end jewelry retouching service is Perfect, Creative, Artistich. This services suit the jewelry images that need a deep image post processing or magazine level result.

High-End Jewelry Retouching Service include:

When our retouching experts process this styles images, they always give extra attention to detail and utilize eye for shape, color, and overall aesthetics.High End will definitely touch all the jewelry photograph’s angles – brightness and color, metal & diamond, shadow & background, it also includes jewelry image manipulation, adding Special effects on the jewelry images

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching perfect clean bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching perfect clean a

Clean ALL of dust and flaws

In a high-resolution jewelry photo, every flaw, hair, fibers blemish, scratch, dust, even your fingerprint may show up in a high-resolution photo. Al those flaws will let the consumer think that this jewelry is of low quality.

High-end photo edit services offer magazine-level flaws retouching. We will zoom the jewelry photo into 100 – 200% and scan everywhere to find blemishes, scratches, dust.

  • Clean every flaw, hair, fibers blemish, scratch, dust.

  • Zoom the jewelry photo into 100 – 200% to clean.

  • Remove  reflection of the camera lens, light bulb, or  mannequin.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching enhance diamond bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching enhance diamond a

Make diamond shiny, sparkly, and life

Editing diamonds and gemstones are the trickiest aspects of jewelry images. it require a professional retoucher not only to have Photoshop skills but also to have some gemology knowledge.

We have experience retouching more than 10000 pics diamond images. Our jewelry retoucher have regular training in gemology knowledge. So we fully conversant about how to improve quality. Improve the color, increase transparency or remove hiding fractures.

  • Bring lustre and life for diamond.

  • Removing dust, unnecessary scratches, unwanted shadows and highlights
Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching image manipulation bJewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching image manipulation a

Jewelry image manipulation

Jewelry image manipulation skills can merge your jewelry into art, emotions background, or beautiful model. Let your jewelry tell the story and bring real-life experiences and beautiful emotions to the shopper.

When our retoucher process images manipulation. We take into account every little detail and carefully carry out all the editing changes, Such as lighting, shadow, reflection, model, foreground, and background. We also add various elements from several photographs and even other resources

After jewelry photo manipulation is done, Making sure you will see absolutely beautiful and glamorous jewelry images.

5 Steps To Process High End Jewelry retouching Service

Easy to start using Zenone High end jewelry photo editing service! Please follow below 5 simple steps:

  • Create account and upload your photos. You can send photo by We transfers, Dropbox, Google Drive, email attachment, etc.

  • Write detailed instructions about turnaround time, images size, images format, background color that you want. Attach sample photos that how you want your items to look like.

  • As soon as your jewelry image are retouched, We will send you a link to download them, You can get your images back and review the completed retouching effect

  • If you need any changes, Please share your suggestions and instruction to our want. Revisions are free and unlimited.

  • When you are satisfied with the final result, We will send PayPal invoice so you can pay for the work done.

Recent Project Of High-end Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching recent project b


  • Background

    A Luxury jewelry brand wants to edit their diamond ring to perfect and merge it into a creative and stylized background. The final photo is used for posters and magazines

  • Requirement

    Improve diamond quality and make them shiny, sparkly. Polish each inch of metal, Changing image background, Create real shadow. Final image save as high res PSD format.

  • Key point

    Merge those rings to the stylization background and adjust colors, lighting, and shadows, so that the result looks absolutely realistic.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching recent project a


To bring the Luxury jewelry high value. We spent a lot of time on improving diamond quality, Include main diamond and all small side diamonds.

We will Sharpen and clean up the diamond to show scintillation and facets. Bring out the diamond’s depths, shape, clarity, and color. We also add some light flare on the diamond.

When we process Jewelry image manipulation for this project. It is very important to choose the right background images. The color, styles, and details of the background should match jewelry brand. The perspective, light, color of the background should also match the jewelry we want to put in.

  • Retouch diamond and add flare on it.

  • Retouch metal. Keep the good reflection and remove the bad ones.

  • Remove the holding wax. Rstore the missing part of the ring
  • Merging jewelry to creative background
  • Combine the ring and background together naturally.

Our Customers’ Feedback About High-End Jewelry Retouching Service

I was astonished by those low costs and amazing  jewelry photo edit quality!  good price and high end quality!!You are my favorite photo retouching company! I will come back for your services later!

Kim Stuart

I have been getting twice as many clients recently as before our collaboration, I can’t imagine selling anything alone anymore! Your pro retouching services increase the perceived value of our jewelry and maximizing our sales.

Kate Lopez

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5 Benefits of using Pro jewelry editing services

  • Photo editing is a highly time-consuming task,Pro jewelry editing service can save your huge time on editing your jewelry photos.

  • The photo editing requires the latest software suites that can be highly expensive.Pro jewelry editing service save money on expensive equipment’s and software

  • Jewelry photo editing service will enable to improve the turnaround time in capturing, editing, and delivering photographs for jewelry photographer.

  • Your perfect jewelry photo creates an appeal to your customers and they have a positive view of your product and services.

  • Using pro photo editing service of your business will result in getting expert advice and support from jewelry retoucher.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - highend jewelry retouching diamond important bHigh end jewelry retouching service,retouching group diamond ring

Why stone editing is the most important in jewelry retouching


Good diamond images play a major role in the buyer’s decision-making process. Clear, flawless, sparkly appealing visual experience. These benefits will positively influence your consumers’ purchasing decisions.

But get a perfect diamond is not easy. Diamond photography is challenging and time-consuming. Many jewelers have been disappointed with the diamond picture effect. In fact, not all jewelers have professional photography equipment. Such as macro lens. Tripod, pro Lighting sources. Not all jewelers have professional photography experience. Even professionals also think diamond photoshoot is a difficult task.

High-end jewelry retouching service exists to help jewelers and photographers with that

Professional jewelry retouchers spend much time and effort. With the help of Photoshop, it is necessary capturing the sparkle of a diamond and gemstones. Like Ultrasonic cleaner, Retoucher clean stone’s every blemishes and flaw on the stone millimeter by millimeter. With the help of the Levels, Hue, and Saturation tool, the Professional retoucher corrects all problems with white balance, saturation, contrast, exposure, vibrancy, shadows, or other color parameters.

Learn about how to correct diamond color

FAQ For High-end jewelry retouching service.

Why a professional photography need high-end jewelry retouching service?

Nothing is perfect. And this remains true in the field of jewelry photography no matter how advanced your equipment and skill.

Many jewelry photographers face the disappointing situation when jewelry photography image without professionally retouching support .it will eats photographer time which they could spend to finding more customers.

High-end jewelry photo retouching service can help photographer with that, allowing photographers not to worry about future of their photos and to be sure in achieving the greatest results possible in professional photo retouching.

My jewelry is a little un-even, can you fix my jewelry shape to symmetry?

The important thing our retoucher check out when they retouch a jewelry image is symmetry. The most jewelry design have symmetry on their shape, Symmetry is visually appealing it is to the jewelry. Look closely at the facial features. The main diamond , side stone, ring shank , ring bridge, diamond prong, pendant chain, necklace Clasp are most often where the symmetry lies. Make sure you even out the left side of the jewelry with the right. Most often, these changes are very minor, but make a huge difference. In high end jewelry retouching service, we will make sure to even out or fix any jewelry shape asymmetry as well.

Can you change our jewelry images background to a creative background?

Our high-end jewelry retouching service include creative background changing. Our retoucher can replace an marble, rose or Silk background for your jewelry. we also can put your jewelry onto a model hands, Make the Beautiful model wearing your rings or necklace and the result looks absolutely realistic.

Get free trial for basic jewelry retouching

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