Jewelry Retouching Prices

This page includes the price list of our jewelry retouching service. If you were looking for professional retouch for reasonable price, our jewelry retouching service is your perfect chose

Jewelry retouching prices list

 You are welcome to choose the most suitable package from below retouching services for jewelry company, jewelry designer, photographers. We accept international charges via PayPal.


$5per image
  • Adjust contrast
  • Color correction
  • Dust removal
  • Clipping or mask
  • Change background
  • Add shadow


$8per image
  • brightness Corrections
  • Color, tone Correction
  • Flaws Removal 
  • Polish metal
  • Remove bad reflection
  • Correction jewelry shape
  • Diamond deep editing
  • Add highlight on metal
  • Create real shadow


$15per image
  • brightness Corrections
  • Color, tone Correction
  • Flaws Removal
  • Polish metal
  • Remove bad reflection
  • Correction jewelry shape
  • Diamond, Gem deep editing
  • Add highlight on metal
  • Jewelry photo Merge
  • Creative Effects


$2per image
  • Change to  yellow gold
  • Change  rose gold
  • Change gem color
  • Change pearl color
  • Change diamond color

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About our jewelry retouching prices


We will increase the value of your jewelry through high-quality images at very affordable prices.It will save you time and money in the long run while maximizing your sales.

The overall value that will be generated from availing our jewelry retouching service will simply outweigh the minimal costs you will spend on hiring our experts. The great number of jewelry’s company, designer or photographers refers to the various online photo retouching services from the world to simplify their work and get more profit.

Our company provides four different retouching level service. Each of them consists of the different retouching skill and option. They all need different amount of the time spent by our retoucher on your jewelry photo, the editor’s skills and editing time spent also important and influence on the price in general. Our high skilled team can suggest you choosing between the simplest Basic & elaborate High End levels.

Zenone studio has gathered a team of Experience retoucher, high skill photo editor who gather more than ten years of working in this business, know Photoshop & jewelry photography and gemology, know how to process jewelry photos of all types and from various genres: chains, rings, bracelets. Necklaces, pendants, gold, silver, diamond, gem, pearl etc. Please check our price list while creating your order.

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4 Jewelry Photo Editing Prices- How to choose

If you’ve decided to refer us and make use of our jewelry photo editing services. Please choose the package you like the most. Below there is information about the main difference of our all jewelry retouching services levels, how to decided which jewelry retouching price you should choose. Which skill using or retouching option each service consists of? How much should you pay? What are the main benefits of using our jewelry retouching skilled team you can find below.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - jewelry retouching price basic level 1

Basic Jewelry Retouching Price- Light, Quick, low cost

This type of retouch is mainly chosen by customer they don’t require deep retouching or have budget limited. If you choose this Basic Level, We will adjust contrast, brightness and color for your images, we also will clean the biggest dust and tidy up worst reflections on the jewelry, change the background to white or other color you needs.

If you have been struggling to take pictures of your jewelry & sell jewelry online, guaranteed you will be happy about this breakthrough by our basic jewelry retouching service. Many times it is not possible to find a professional photographer due to cost, and you are faced with having to take your own photos. Our retoucher can help you get high-quality jewelry photos.

It offers very low  jewelry photo retouching fees for this type of work – $5 per image.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - jewelry retouching price pro level 2

Pro Jewelry Retouching Price – Professional, detail, individual

Professional, detail, individual jewelry retouching service, this services suit people who want careful detail for the jewelry photo
Our jewelry retouchers pay much efforts even to the small details by Zoom into 100%,this will allow us to see all the smaller curves. this level service include adjusting brightness and color, clean dust and flaws, Blend or remove reflections and shadows, improve diamond quality etc.

A professional jewelry retouching service will not only give you images a great finish, our professional retouching artist will speed up the time it takes you to complete a project. Save your time to get the perfect result of your jewelry image. you can spend more of time to building your sale business.

The rates of this Pro jewelry retouching are very budget-friendly – you need just to pay $8.00 per jewelry image edited.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - jewelry retouching price highend level

High-end Jewelry Retouching Price – Perfect, Create, Artistic

Perfect, Create, Artistic jewelry retouching service, this services suit the images that need a deep image post processing or used for magazine.
When our retouching experts process this styles images, they always give extra attention to detail and utilize eye for shape, color, and overall aesthetics.

High End will definitely touch all the jewelry photograph’s angles – brightness and color, metal & diamond, shadow & background, It also include jewelry image manipulation, adding Special effects on the jewelry images

Our professional retouchers will help elevate your jewelry images quality. I can’t stress this enough, especially in beauty, and in whatever style you decide for your images. if you like to work with highly skilled and passionate artists. Our high-end level of retouching service is your best chose.

High end jewelry retouching package consists of many techniques, that’s why its fee is $15.00 per image.

Jewelry retouching service-Zenone studio - jewelry retouching price recolor level

Changing Jewelry color Level – Perfect look, exact color, cost efficient

Save time, low cost, exact color. Changing jewelry color services suit people who have different metal or gem color of identical jewelry design. If taking separate photo of each colored jewelry. it will increase the cost and time of photo shooting. Our changing jewelry color service can offer different color variants of same jewelry design at a low cost and correct color

Do you want to spend as little time and money as possible on jewelry samples in the early stages of jewelry design development? Create and photograph one color of a jewelry sample, and then recolor it in post-production. Use those for internal sales. Our service can help you and surely save the money and time for taking different photos.

The price for changing jewelry color level is quite low – just $2.00 per image retouched.

FAQ For Jewelry Retouching Price.

Why the price is different for different level services?

Higher level jewelry retouching service require much more attention to details and tedious retouching to produce excellent results. It takes more time and effort of our best team members. All our retouching quotes are based on your jewelry item complexity, quality, and pixel size of original photo.

How can I pay for the jobs done?

After job is complete and you are satisfied, we send PayPal invoice so you can pay. For recurrent customers we can combine orders in one invoice for a period of time (weekly, monthly)

Do you request a full or partial upfront payment when start my order?

Usually we send invoices AFTER we retouch and deliver your photos back to you. In some cases when high quantity or complexity retouching is required we may request a full or partial upfront payment.

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